The Benefits of Home-Made Beer

If you love an occasional beer, perhaps it’s time you considered brewing your own beer at home. Many people imagine the process of beer-making is both expensive and complicated and have thus surrendered to buying their beer from the stores. Yet brewing beer at home is both easy and inexpensive. Moreover, beer made at home is much more nutritious than the stuff you find bottled in the stores and comes with a host of health benefits. Once you learn to make your own beer, you might never again buy commercially produced beer for many reasons. So, why should you learn beer brewing?

Home brewed is healthier and doesn’t cause hangovers

A major problem with commercially produced beer is the debilitating hangover that might plague you after a drinking session. Such beers are usually pasteurized and also filtered and these two processes remove the vitamin B that is usually present in most beers. When you brew your own beers you do not need to take it through these processes and the result is that you’ll have a healthy drink that won’t cause you those disabling hangovers.

Another downside to commercially produced beers is that they are made using chemicals and preservatives which have no health benefits. With your home-made brew you don’t need such additions. Moreover, commercial brewers use only a small percentage of grains to make beer but when you brew at home you have the perfect opportunity to use as much grain as you find fit.

Commercial beer producers are limited in the range of ingredients they can use to make beer. For such producers, the use of high-quality ingredients might prove financially prohibitive and they thus end up using only the ingredients that are commercially viable. Since you’ll be brewing on a small scale, you have the opportunity to choose the highest quality ingredients. Unlike the commercial brewer who’s limited to buying ingredients in mass, you can use your creativity to purchase rare ingredients that might never find their way in mass-produced beers.

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If you are worried that brewing will take too much of your time, the good news is that it takes very little time (and space) to make beer. Home brewing kits take very little space and a basement would be an ideal space for your brewing. In addition you’ll spend very little time attending to the beer as the fermentation process works in auto-pilot.

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