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So you just mastered your very own Home Brewed beer. Of course you wouldn’t let it go sitting on the fridge for too long. Now it’s time to impress your friends with your very own beer during Cookout Sessions. We all know that a freezing cold beer and a sizzling grilled dish is a perfect match in heaven. But it doesn’t mean that you can just pair any beer with any grilled dish that you want. As a rule of thumb, the more intense the flavor of the dish is, the more it should match with the weight, depth and flavor of the beer. Let’s go down to the specifics.
Here are the best grilled meats that complements a light beer.
Barbecues go perfectly well with light beers that are often characterized by its color, its low alcohol content and little bitterness. Light beers doesn’t sidetrack nor overpower the savory flavor of the barbecue. When you’re planning to grill some light and juicy chicken, you may also pair it with light beer with a fruity or spicy twist such as a farmhouse ale. The classic American Hamburger which is a lovely masterpiece that’s bursting with many flavors are further magnified with light and versatile lager. Hotdogs, which make regular appearances during backyard barbecue sessions are best paired with pale lagers especially when they are piled up high with onions, peppers, mustard and chili. Lean grilled steaks work better with less aggressive beers like a light roasted brown ale that does a great job in boosting a flavor, and yet it’s not that hard on your face. Lastly, the slightly charred Vegetable Kebabs makes a perfect combination with slightly sweet and light body malt beers.
Foods that go well with Malty or Dark Beers
The juicy and spicy taste of Sausages typically blend well with malty beers and golden ales. Similarly, the Beef rib’s sweet and spicy flavor also compliments malty beers. Beers that have higher alcohol content such as an India Pale Ale can stand up greatly to the slow cooked and spicy flavor of Beef Briskets. However, just be wary that IPAs (Indian Pale Ale) cannot outstand a heavily spiced meat. Grilled steaks that are simply served with salt and pepper will be highlighted more with a malty brown beer as it accentuates its sweet and delicate flavors. On the other hand, Sirloins that are served with rich, cream sauce are best paired with dark beers because it helps in neutralizing the creaminess of the sauce.

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